For life, business and investment from 125,000 EUR real estate in Cyprus

For life, business and investment from 150,000 EUR real estate in Cyprus

For life, business and investment from 150,000 EUR real estate in Cyprus
New buildings in Limassol, Paphos,
Larnaca, Famagusta, Nicosia
  • 0% brokerage fee for selecting housing and mediating transactions
  • free legal support and assistance in obtaining a residence permit and permanent residence
For life, business and investment from 150,000 EUR real estate in Cyprus

New residential facilities and commercial buildings in the private inHome database

We regularly update the database, availability and cost, our experts with experience in construction personally visit the objects to assess the quality
  • 1500
    real estate
  • 20%
    than from
    a developer
The portfolio contains exclusive properties cheaper than from developers
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Не нашли, что искали? На сайте представлено ограниченное число объектов недвижимости.
Оставьте заявку и менеджер inHome свяжется с вами, чтобы предоставить персонально подобранные варианты недвижимости
Learn more about the infrastructure and important facilities of this area of Cyprus

We’ll show all selected properties in a week

For inHome clients:
  • Free shuttle
    from the airport
  • Preferential hotel
  • Individual real
    estate catalogue

We’ll show all selected properties in a week

Choose the suitable option and make an appointment to view the objects. We’ll organize a personal demonstration or an online one.
We show the most suitable properties

Legal support of the transaction in the purchase of real estate

We will check the legal clarity of the object, prepare the necessary documents for the registration of purchas
Paperwork by inHome lawyers

We provide free legal support for the purchase of real estate with our company. We give immigration support for obtaining a residence permit and permanent residence when buying from 1,000,000 EUR. We help with the opening of companies, bank accounts and the organization of life.

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Own data base of more than 340 developers

We cooperate with key and proven developers of the Republic of Cyprus. We sign an official contract with each of them and guarantee the purity of the transaction. We offer ready-made or under construction real estate from our partners. We devote a lot of time communicating with developers, visiting real estate objects, studying the quality of construction and materials used, evaluating the innovativeness of construction, energy efficiency and other important details.

Your ideal home – from the 3rd viewing

We provide a catalog and show real estate objects exactly to your needs and budget – you do not need to waste your time to search for your own and select developers.

Download a sample contract that our lawyers draw up when buying property in Cyprus

Get a presentation of 5 properties in Cyprus strictly according to your parameters within 30 minutes

Answer 5 questions – we will send you a free catalog of suitable new buildings with the current prices
In what region do you want
to buy real estate?
What type of property are you
interested in?
How many bedrooms
do you need?
How many bedrooms
do you need?
Specify the number of employees
>What cost do you
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We will organize the entire process of buying real estate and help with obtaining a residence permit and permanent residence

Personal manager will help you with any issue of life in Cyprus

We will make a 14% discount on VAT when buying your first property in Cyprus

We will make a 14% discount on VAT when buying your first property in Cyprus

Our in-house lawyers will assist in the preparation of a package of documents under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus

Meet the inHome team

Your reliable assistant in buying property in Cyprus
Rostislav Bondar Founder INHOME group
Sergey Balashov Managing partner
Andreas Menelaou Lawyer
Bogdan Kostanets Migration lawyer
Andreas Socratous Director of agency

Meet the inHome team

Your reliable assistant in buying property in Cyprus
  • We work with 50 major developers of the Republic of Cyprus and build new properties
  • 2 lawyers in the company's staff are engaged in full legal support and paperwork during the transaction
  • Our employees can negotiate in Russian, English, Hebrew and Greek
Meet our lawyers and brokers

Real estate experts

Before the transaction, we check all objects for legal purity
Эксперты <i>в недвижимости</i>
With over 17 years of expertise in the real estate industry as part of the inHome team.
All real estate properties under construction in Cyprus are available for purchase with installment plans tied to various stages of construction. When entering into a purchase agreement during the initial stages of construction, you are required to make a payment of up to 30% of the total property cost.
Up to 30% discount on our exclusive real estate: our brokers will offer exclusive properties from investors and make a special offer for you
Real estate experts

We will send an individual catalog of suitable real estate and show the objects online

Choose a city in Cyprus and leave your contact information - we will send you a presentation with all the objects within 30 minutes and conduct an online demonstration of your favorite property within 2 days.

Stages of real estate purchase

from the selection of an object, its legal verification and assistance with payment to the state registration of a sale and purchase agreement and registration of real estate ownership
Communication by phone or messenger
Communication by phone or messenger
We confirm the request, clarify the budget, the required number of bedrooms and all your wishes, as well as the readiness to wait for construction.
Fill out a form
Sending a personalized presentation
Sending a personalized presentation
We analyze preferences, put together a personal presentation with housing options strictly according to your parameters, and send it to you for approval.
Get a presentation
Offline / online demonstration
Offline / online demonstration
We will agree on a convenient format and viewing time – offline demonstration after your arrival in Cyprus or online one according to the options you like.
Make an appointment
The conclusion of a real estate sale transaction
The conclusion of a real estate sale transaction
After you have selected the real estate property, our lawyers assist you in signing the reservation agreement and the main sales contract. We handle payment matters and register the transaction with the land registry. On average, the entire process takes about 40 days.
Transaction support
Transaction support
We accompany our clients at every stage, and if necessary, our inHome engineering supervisor will inspect the completed real estate property or oversee all construction phases. Your personal manager is always available to address any questions you may have and assist you in settling into life in Cyprus.

Take advantage of our loyalty system:

We offer a guaranteed cashback for every next purchase you or your customers make
Resident Resident
for our clients
Resident Resident
для наших клиентов
Partners Partners
for our partners
Partners Partners
для наших партнеров
  • We offer a guaranteed cashback for every next purchase you or your customers make
  • We'll tell you how to legally transfer funds from sanctioned banks
  • If you are a foreigner, we will help you legally buy 3 or more real estate properties

e publish news about residential and commercial properties in Cyprus:

Save time on searching for up-to-date information when buying a home and studying the market

Answers to frequently asked questions about new buildings in Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca, Famagusta and Nicosia

Do you check developers
before concluding a contract?

Alongside the reservation agreement, we request from the developer all necessary information for verification purposes: title deed for the plot, planning and building permits, as well as a list of current transactions and encumbrances related to the property from the land registry.

How to get
a real estate title?

The acquisition of individual property rights for real estate (Title Deed) , whether it be a private house or an apartment, is typically handled by the developer. This process usually concludes a year after the property is passed final approval by the municipal commission, confirming that the construction has been developed strictly in accordance with the previously issued building permits.

How to get
free legal support?

When completing a real estate transaction through the inHome agency, all expenses for legal support (excluding government fees) are covered by us.

What does legal
support include?

Legal support from the inHome agency includes a comprehensive legal examination of the property being acquired, making and negotiating corrections to the reservation agreement and sales contract, negotiating with the developer, and registering the sale contract with the land registry. If necessary, we also provide assistance with Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures for bank transfers, prepare and submit application for obtaining VAT discount, and facilitate the acquisition license for Third Country Nationals (TCN, non EU) property buyers.

What are the requirements for obtaining permanent residence?

Permanent Residency obtaining criteria for Real Estate Purchase (Golden Visa, Fast track): - Investment Size: A minimum investment of €300,000 +VAT in a house/apartment from a construction company or commercial real estate. - Proof of Fund Transfer: Evidence of transferring funds from abroad to a Cypriot bank (SWIFT not less than €200,000 + VAT). Additional Requirements: - Personal Stable Annual income a minimum of €50,000. - Additional Income Requirements: For spouse (€15,000) and dependent children (€10,000). - Income Source: Income must come from abroad, confirmed by tax declaration. Required Documents (All must be translated and apostilled [preferably] in English or Greek): - Certificates of no criminal record for the applicant and spouse. - Medical insurance for inpatient and outpatient treatment. - X-ray for tuberculosis, blood tests for Hepatitis C and HIV. - Declaration of not intending to be an employee, except as an unpaid director in own company. - Registered sales contract for a new building from the developer. - Internal and international passports. - Birth certificate. - Marriage or divorce certificate (if applicable). - Employment contracts, client agreements, dividend certificates. - Income statements. - Bank statements for the last 2 years. - Tax declarations. - Certificate of registration as a sole proprietorship (if applicable). - Tax identification number (TIN). - Visa. - Diplomas and educational certificates. Documents for Children: - Birth certificate. - Vaccination and Mantoux test certificates, blood tests for Hepatitis C and HIV. - School certificates, reports. - Consent for travel and residence in another country if traveling with one parent. Processing Time: - Estimated processing time is approximately four to six months. Post-Permanent Residency Requirements: - Provide certificates of no criminal record every three years (for those not residing permanently in Cyprus). - Renew medical insurance if not using GESY.

What documents are required
to open a bank account in Cyprus?

- Passport and ARC (Alien Registration Number) - Recent proof of address (Utility bill) - CV (Resume) - Bank reference (bank statements) - Proof of Tax Identification Number (with recent tax declaration) - Employment Agreement / Contract (if applicable) / share certificate for own companies - Complete questionnaire (Received from the bank) Original documents should be furnished and the identification should take place in the presence of an employee of the Bank. Please note that in order for your request to be examined, all above documentation/information should be submitted to the bank in one concentrated email. Upon receipt of above bank shall review your request and shall reply to you accordingly.

How to pay for real estate
in Cyprus from Russia?

The InHome team has many years of practical experience in the banking industry. When purchasing property through us, we provide a full range of services and help you determine the most suitable and least expensive way to make a bank transfer.

How to get an installment plan
when buying real estate in Cyprus?

To buy real estate in installments, you need to buy new buildings. At earlier stages of construction, installment plans are provided by the developer for a longer period. And our lawyers will include in the purchase agreement a mandatory confirmation by the engineer of the project that the construction stage has been completed before making the next payment.

Get a broker’s advice on selecting projects to invest in

Our team is professionally engaged in real estate development and investment
  • We’ll select a project for investment for you, tell you about its potential profitability when renting or selling.
  • We’ll organize for you a turnkey investment project on a fee development model. Learn more
A professional manager will answer all your questions and offer investment projects
Apartment of the day at a price below the market!
Apartment of the day
at a price below the market!
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